Travel Tips for travelers coming to Kenya to East Africa

Travel Tips for travelers coming to Kenya to East Africa

Travel Tips for inbound tourists coming to East Africa. In this post, we provide comprehensive information on the frequently asked questions for travelers coming to Kenya (and East Africa) for their first time. Kenya is located in East Africa at coordinates 0.0236° S, 37.9062° E.

Kenya time is GMT +3 and our currency is KES though most businesses accept USD. You can easily change your currency to KES at a forex bureau (available on main streets in Nairobi) and at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport or at a commercial bank.

  1. Visa for Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania
  2. Travel Insurance and waiver and vaccination
  3. Baggage Allowance
  4. Safari costs
  5. Phone and internet connectivity
  6. Transport (Local flights, Standard Gueage Railways, Safari Vans, 4 x4 Crusiers)
  7. Park fees
  8. Security
  9. Accommodation (Hotels, Lodges, Camps, and camping sites)

Visa for Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

Kenya is the safari destination of choice. To ensure hassle-free arrival and quick entry into the country, the government of Kenya launched an eVisa service in Kenya.  You will no longer be able to apply for your visa on arrival in Nairobi. Highly recommended that you apply for the visa online before you depart from your home country.

Travelers should visit the portal to apply for an eVisa when planning their travel to Kenya. Kenya is the safari capital. Home to the big five. Expect to tour Nairobi National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Lake Naivasha, Masai Mara, and Amboseli National Park.

Travel Insurance, waivers, and vaccination

It is recommended that you purchase a travel insurance policy before your travel. Internationally, you can buy a policy from reputable insurance. The insurance coverage should cover:

  • Cancellations & Delays
  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Medical Assistance
  • Personal Items
  • Airline Insolvency
  • Missed Departures & Connections
  • Extreme Weather

Baggage Allowance

Traveling with a lot of luggage may be an impediment under various scenarios. You will pay a fee for any extra kg beyond the minimum allowed by your airline. Also, some local airlines to the game revers and Parks recommend you use soft bags.

Safari costs

The costs of a safari vary based on the hotel, season, and your preferences. More on safari cost 

Phone and internet connectivity

You can roam using your mobile number or you can purchase a number from a local phone company. A local SIM card is about 1-2 USD. The package is prepaid, where you do not need to sign long terms contracts. You simply buy a line at one of the agents and plug it into the sim slot and top up with airtime.

Transport (Local flights, Standard Gauge Railways, Safari Vans, 4 x4 Cruiser)

You can fly to most of the key travel destinations from Nairobi. We also have the train to Mombasa, and safari vans or 4 x  4 Land cruisers

Park fees

Parks allow payments via credit cards or MPESA. No cash is allowed in the major parks


The government has ensured safety in the country. It, however, is recommended to restrict night travel-specific areas as advised by your tour operator or hotel.

Accommodation (Hotels, Lodges, Camps, and camping sites)

The hotels are permanent establishments built for longevity. The lodges and camps are built to suit the parks and reserve environment.

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