Category: Watamu Tours

3-Day Watamu to Tsavo East & Taita Hills Safari
From 523

Enjoy a 3-day Tsavo East & Taita Hills Safari from Watamu

2-Day Watamu to Tsavo East Safari
From 269

Enjoy a 2-Day Tsavo East Safari from Watamu

4-Day Malindi to Mara Safari
From 1,726

Experience the Wildebeest Migration (July – September) at the Masai Mara. A chance of a lifetime to witness the amazing 8th wonder of the world.

Visit Watamu Bio-Ken Snake Park
From 52

The Bio-Ken Snake Farm is literally a lifesaver for the Watamu and Malindi area.

Arabuko Sokoke Forest Tour – Watamu
From 85

Enjoy nature trails at the Arabuko Sokoke forest where you get to see lots of butterflies and birdlife

Sundowner Dhow Cruise at Mida Creek
From 88

Enjoy a Sundowner Dhow Cruise at Mida Creek, Watamu

Gede Ruins
From 52

We will pick you up in the morning or afternoon and take you to the Gede ruins for a historic tour.