Watamu Bio-Ken Snake Park


The Bio-Ken Snake Farm is literally a lifesaver for the Watamu and Malindi area.

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The owner, Sanda Ashe & her partner Rojan Taylor, are some of the few experts on the deadly green and black mambas and the large collection of Mambas at this snake farm produce nearly 90% of the world’s anti-venom for this highly poisonous African snake. The farm is also an excellent introduction to some of the other dangerous snakes, such as the cobra and puff adder. The puff adder in fact is Africa’s deadliest animal as unlike most snakes, it relies on camouflage rather than flight to escape notice, and villagers clearing land or gathering firewood are frequent casualties. Snakebites in this area of Kenya are treated immediately with anti-venom from the farm, a luxury not extended to the majority of the country!


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