Sundowner Dhow Cruise at Mida Creek


The Mida Creek, part of the Kenya Marine Reserve, is formed along 10km of unspoiled mangrove lined waters, warm shallow waters and large areas of mud flats at low tide.

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Sandy islands separated by narrow channels winding through mangrove-covered islands form the edges of this large inter-tidal creek. The area is known for its amazing bird life, such as Greater Flamingo, Yellow-Billed Stork, Great White Egret and Malachite Kingfisher. It is also the winter home of many migrants such as the Crab Plover, Curlew Sandpiper, Whimbrel and Sanderling. The osprey and African fish eagle are often overhead. The only human inhabitants are a handful of local fishermen casting their nets in the traditional manner. The perfect atmosphere in which to watch the African sunset slowly and bring yet another day in paradise to a close.


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