Hell's Kitchen Tour


Experience Kenya’s own Grand Canyon! After a scenic drive through Malindi, over the Sabaki River Bridge and through rural villages, enjoy the views of this naturally eroded landscape. Descend into the “Kitchen” with a local guide who will point out strange features carved by wind and rain; a map of Africa, a rhino head and a sacred worship site.

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Also known as Marafa Kanyon, this canyon takes its name from an ancient legend which tells of a very wealthy family who once lived in this area. They had so many cows that they used the milk not to drink but to wash their clothes. The legend goes that God made them fall into this canyon where the sun’s heat reaches very high temperatures.

Sunset is particularly evocative and we recommend planning your trip in the afternoon so as to finish the day with a truly moving moment: it is as if the rocks have caught fire!


English / Italian Guide, Transport from Hotel, Sea Food Lunch, Entry Fees, Bottled Water.

Minimum 2 Pax