Category: Zanzibar

5-Day Zanzibar Beach Fly In
From 1527

Experience Paradise in the white sandy beaches of Zanzibar. It is therapeutic to get out of your work/home and go for a relaxing beach holiday. Breathing the cool ocean air and having siestas.

3-Day Zanzibar Beach Flight Package
From 999

Tour Zanzibar and enjoy the beach and the cultural tour.

Nungwi Mnarani Aquarium
From 72

Enjoy the chance to see, feed and swim with these beautiful turtles. All turtles brought in there, are a result of being caught in fishing nets or appearing ill/injured.

Zanzibar City Tour
From 72

Stone town and its buildings are full of history and stories of the ancient times when Sultans, Arabs, Europeans and Zanzibaris wrote the history of this beautiful island.

Jozani Forest
From 85

During a guided journey through the Jozani Forest, you will quickly learn about the different species of monkeys unique to Zanzibar (and yes, without a thumb).

12-Day Tanzania & Zanzibar Safari
From 4262*

Explore Tanzania and Zanzibar in 12 Days with a Bush and Beach Safari. Visit the Famous Serengeti National Park that is the home of Wildebeest, Black maned Lion and abundant wildlife.

15-Day Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania Safari
From 9229*

Samsons Safaris takes you on a tour of the tourist circuit of Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania & Zanzibar

Kizimkazi Dolphin Tour
From 85

Zanzibar Dolphin Adventures Tanzania offers a few pods of dolphin that have their respective territories around Zanzibar

Prison Island & Sandbank Tour
From 99

Prison Island & Sandbank Tour