Balloon Safaris

Balloon Safaris

Balloon Safaris are tour experiences that are purchased as an add-on to the Masai Mara multiday or Amboseli multi-day safari. You need to book an overnight package at the Masai Mara.  Hot Air Balloon Safari adds a new perspective to game-viewing literally. At 6 am, you will join a group of other safari enthusiasts onboard a hot air balloon. You will have a quick bite (coffee or tea) as you wait for the machines to be set up. After a briefing from the pilot

After the one-hour flight, you will enjoy a champagne breakfast out in the bush before transferring back to your Mara Lodge. You can book the Balloon Safari now.

What are hot air balloons?

A hot air balloon is an aircraft that generates lift and flies by heating the air inside a large fabric envelope. It utilizes a burner located at the base of the balloon to produce hot air, which fills the envelope. The burner uses propane or natural gas as fuel.

The hot air balloon operates on the principle that hot air is lighter than cold air. As the air inside the envelope is heated, it becomes less dense, resulting in buoyancy. Consequently, the balloon ascends into the atmosphere and carries passengers and cargo in a basket or gondola suspended beneath it.

To control the balloon’s altitude, the pilot adjusts the temperature of the air inside the envelope. Basically, increasing the heat causes the balloon to rise while decreasing it leads to descent. The balloon’s direction is primarily determined by the wind, as the pilot lacks direct steering capability. However, by ascending or descending to different wind currents at varying altitudes, the pilot can navigate to some extent.

Hot air balloons are popular for recreational purposes, providing a serene and distinctive flying experience. They are also utilized for events and festivals like hot air balloon races and displays.

Another key point is safety, which is paramount for hot air ballooning, and pilots undergo specific training and adhere to regulations to prioritize the well-being of passengers and crew.